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As the name says, Ad-Blocker is a browser add-on for blocking unwanted ads on the websites. It blocks all types of annoying ads such as pop-up ads, flashy banners, etc.

Ad-Blocker gives you to an ad-free browsing experience at no cost. It displays only those ads that you want to see. It blocks social plugins, Facebook/YouTube ads, saves internet data and loads pages quickly.

Whenever you browse different websites, your online activities are tracked by those websites. But, by using Ad-Blocker, you can disable your tracking and browse securely. With Ad-Blocker, your browsing becomes safe and optimized.

The Ad-Blocker works on the basis of Ad filters. These filters block inappropriate ads and replace them with acceptable ones. These filters are the settings which decide that which ad should be blocked and which one should not be blocked.

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